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Water-based ecological environment
Hohou Garden Resorts located in a valley surrounded by the mountains, abide by the Pacific Ocean. Being rich in spring, the valley was used to be cultivated as a terraced pond. According to its original landscape, we tried to restore its former view as the terrace bade pond.

Mountains and ponds
Layer by layer, our terrace bade ponds cultivate varieties of water plants. Visitors can enjoy lilies and purple Irises in spring. When it steps into summer, blossom lotus field and colorful water lilies will catch your eyes. The flame gold tree will shine all over the mountains in fall and the color-changing feather pines color their leaves in winter. Besides the water plants, mosquito fish, dragonflies, and frogs inhabit in our bade pond. You also can see Moorhens and red face muscovy ducks stroll freely between the ponds.

Cerulean oceanside
Up the nearby hill, you may gaze the blue Pacific Ocean. Get its own favor of natural, whether getting up earlier to hang in the beach chair to see the sunrise or watch the romantic view of the moon rising, hearing the whispers of tides and chattering with some close friends, Houhu always brings you a moment abide by the lakes and mountains and cerulean oceanside.