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To fulfill a dream: Started from a deserted swamp…
Houhu is a tribal of the aboriginal village, Amis. It’s surrounded by the mountains which protect it from the severe wind of monsoon in winter, and with un-draining spring popping up from the ground, where lived the Amis people from generation to generation. Then the government built the road and the land getting desolated, villagers were also moving away. The only view we can see here was an overgrown land with weeds and muddy wet land. While people were moving away, we bought a small property instead to build our dream home.

Insisting: Hold on a spirit like “Yogong” move the mountain to build a dream land
As the folks teased us like “fools”, the journey to fulfill the dream has been started. From cleaning the isolated land, we started our dream home with branches and leaves, bricks and tiles. We ‘ve come so far to realize that isn’t an easy thing to do to accomplish our dream, but to wish our dream come true, we kept going...

Turn: Owning a wonderland, triple views of mountain, creeks and sea.
We didn’t plan to build a hostel at the first beginning but for family members take a vacation, reunion and build a dreamed land. We expand our resorts gradually, little by little, to create a wonderland beside the Pacific Ocean.
Original style, spacious space and triple view of mountain, ocean and creeks, delicate garden environment and multiple eco systems---this is the most charm of Houho, the home we guard and preserve.

Create an eco-friendly Utopia wonderland on the left shore of the Pacific Ocean.

Not ruin the original landscape, we kept the original view of the terraced field, trying to create a wonderland of aquatic plants and animals.